Sponsor a Meal

The idea is simple: Support our local hospital workers who are working in wartime-like conditions and support our local restaurants who are really hurting at this time. Now we need your help.

Together we will provide clinicians and healthcare workers in our community with high quality dinners by partnering with local restaurants. This supports both those at the frontline of the fight against COVID-19, as well as our local restaurant industry, during these trying times.


Please note, we are partnered with World Central Kitchen, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, and can accept tax-deductible donations of any amount.

Suggested Donation Levels:

  • $50: Feeds 3-5 frontline workers*

  • $100: Feeds a team of 5-10

  • $500: Feeds a small ER/ICU department

  • $1000: Feeds a large ER/ICU department

  • $5000: Provides a daily meal for ~50 frontline workers for one week

How to Donate

  1. Go to the Frontline Foods page on World Central Kitchen's website.

  2. Select a donation amount.

  3. Select "Alabama" in the box: "What would you like your donation to support?"

  4. Fill in your personal and payment informa

  5. Click the Orange "Donate button"

Your donation will be sent directly to the Frontline Foods Alabama team to sponsor meals prepared and delivered by local restaurants to feed our healthcare heroes. 


100% of your donation goes directly to the local restaurants (excluding CC fees)

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