Make a Pledge

The idea is simple: Support our local hospital workers who are working in wartime-like conditions and support our local restaurants who are really hurting at this time. Now we need your help.


Together we will provide clinicians and healthcare workers in our community with high quality dinners by partnering with local restaurants. This supports both those at the frontline of the fight against COVID-19, as well as our local restaurant industry, during these trying times.

Costs are about $750 per meal order to feed 50 healthcare workers and as a sponsor you Venmo, CashApp or PayPal the restaurants directly. We are adsorbing all administrative overhead. If you let us know the total amount you are willing to donate up to, we will assign you meals until you hit your stated max. You can buy one meal or multiple meals. Unfortunately, $750 is the minimum as we need to make the payment of the meals simple.


Participation is simple:

     1. Sign up to be a sponsor below.

     2. Await instructions on where to Venmo directly to the restaurant

     3. Food arrives from a local restaurant to a local hospital

Once the meal is delivered by a restaurant, we will send you a Venmo, CashApp or Paypal address so you can pay the restaurant directly. PLEASE pay promptly as the restaurants are fronting all the costs and labor. Please ONLY sign up if you are comfortable with the donation and will pay promptly.

If you have any questions, please email us at or

Thank you for your support and stay healthy and safe!

Please enter the total amount to sponsor (Each meal is $750. If you are comfortable with one meal, put $750 below. If you can do more, please enter the total amount of dollars you are willing to sponsor in increments of $750.