Restaurant Sign-up

THANK YOU for your interest in participating in this program. We know these are unprecedented times and it's incredibly hard on you and your entire staff. Hopefully, we can help find a way to keep your business going while also helping another community in need.


A few requirements for participating restaurants:

1. Need to be able to make at least 50, single-serve meals that are also well balanced. We want to make it as easy on the clinicians and hospitals as possible. They are short on utensils, so they will need to be provided. With that all said, we are trying to minimize waste as much as possible so the hospitals don't get overrun.

2. You'll need to have staff be able to deliver to the hospital.

3. Each meal needs to cost $15 or less.

4. A balance of diets (omnivore, veggie). We have a coordinator picking which restaurants go in which meal slots for each hospital. The coordinator will reach out to you with details on date, time, location, delivery details, etc. We can't promise everyone gets assigned a slot, but we will try to help as many restaurants as we can. To get paid, you'll just provide a Venmo, Paypal or CashApp account to the coordinator and we'll have a sponsor send you the money directly.


If you have any questions, please email us at or


Thank you for your support and stay healthy and safe!